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Innovative Caregiving Advocates with Real Experience 

What We Do

Our Mission

Leverage the extensive knowledge and experience family caregivers have acquired through caregiving to transform health research, health policy, and healthcare delivery

Our Goals

  • Connect family caregivers with initiatives where their voices can be heard
  • Educate researchers, policy makers, and healthcare providers on a range of caregiving issues through thought leadership
  • Provide guidance from a “boots-on-the-ground” perspective on challenges we face across the healthcare continuum
  • Spearhead caregiver-centric pilot programs
  • Partner with researchers, policy makers, and healthcare providers to solve problems from the family caregiver perspective

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Our Team

MaryAnne Sterling

 MaryAnne was a caregiver and healthcare advocate for her parents for 20+ years. She is a renowned speaker and educator on family caregiver issues and dementia, as she and her husband have 3-out-of-4 parents impacted by the disease. She is an outspoken advocate of person-centered healthcare, family caregiver empowerment, and Alzheimer's education. Her personal story has been featured in Forbes, Kiplinger, New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal.  

Sharon Hall

 Sharon has 2 carees, her 95 year old Mom with vascular dementia and 65 year old husband with frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) dementia. She began her advocacy journey by trying to fill needs within the FTD community. She started an FTD Care Chat weekly on and a monthly podcast. 

Denise Brown

 Denise launched in 1996. was the first website to add online caregiving support groups, daily caregiving chats and blogs written by family caregivers. Through its blogs posts, podcasts and video chats, holds one of the largest online libraries of caregiving stories. In March 2011, Denise launched CareGifters, an initiative which funds caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time. Through CareGifters, Denise raises money to send money to family caregivers in need. 

Julie Fleming

 Julie is an author, speaker, attorney, business consultant, and was her father’s primary for nearly six years, following his diagnosis with Alzheimer's Disease and vascular dementia in the fall of 2011. Julie founded the nonprofit The Purple Sherpa in 2015 to provide education, encouragement, and practical support to dementia family care-partners and caregivers. Learn about The Purple Sherpa by visiting or finding us on Facebook.

Karen Garner

 Alzheimer’s disease expert by experience, Karen was the caregiver for her husband Jim who passed away from early-onset Alzheimer's disease in April 2016. As the founder of The Garner Foundation to help dementia caregivers, she is passionate about educating doctors, lawmakers and anyone who will listen about Alzheimer’s and the toll it takes on families. She started her blog,, to become a face and voice for younger onset Alzheimer’s Disease. 

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